How CBD can help your pets

How CBD can help your pets

Jan 10, 2023Joe Vargas

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in hemp and cannabis plants that is becoming increasingly popular as a natural remedy for a variety of conditions in both humans and pets. While CBD is non-intoxicating and does not produce the "high" typically associated with cannabis use, it is believed to have a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

One of the most well-known benefits of CBD is its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. This makes it an attractive option for pets suffering from conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and chronic pain. CBD is thought to work by interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating pain and inflammation.

CBD may also help pets with anxiety and stress. Pets, just like humans, can experience anxiety from different sources such as separation, noise, and unfamiliar situations. CBD is thought to have an anti-anxiety effect by interacting with receptors in the brain that control mood and emotional response. Some pet owners have reported a reduction in symptoms of anxiety in their pets after using CBD, such as an improvement in overall behavior and an increased ability to relax.

CBD may also help with seizures in pets. Seizures can be caused by a variety of conditions, and can be debilitating for both the pet and the owner. A small number of studies have suggested that CBD may be effective in reducing the frequency and severity of seizures in humans, as well as in pets. However, more research is needed to understand exactly how CBD works to reduce seizures and whether it is safe and effective for all types of seizures.

CBD may also have neuroprotective properties, meaning it may help protect the brain and nervous system from damage. This makes it a potentially valuable treatment option for pets with neurodegenerative conditions such as degenerative myelopathy and degenerative encephalopathy.

It's important to note that while CBD has been used safely by many pet owners, it's still a relatively new field of research, and more studies are needed to determine the safety and effectiveness of CBD for pets. Additionally, it's crucial to understand that making health claims about CBD is illegal, FDA has not evaluated the products and make sure to consult with a veterinarian before giving any product containing CBD to your pet.

When it comes to administering CBD to your pet, there are a variety of options available. CBD oil is the most popular form of CBD for pets, as it is easy to administer and can be added to food or placed directly in the pet's mouth. There are also CBD treats and capsules available for pets, as well as topicals such as balms and creams that can be applied directly to the skin.

In conclusion, CBD is a promising natural remedy for a variety of conditions in pets, including pain, anxiety, seizures, and neurodegenerative conditions. However, more research is needed to fully understand the safety and effectiveness of CBD for pets, and pet owners should always consult with a veterinarian before giving CBD to their pet. And again it's important to remember that no health claims can be made about CBD or any other products.

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