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Welcome to Great news is that due to the increased understanding of how many of the various Cannabiniods present in Cannabis work, as well as advances in refining techniques, it is now actually possible to legally purchase products containing various strengths of CBD (Cannabidiol) in all 50 U.S. states. These products contain an imperceptible amount of the Cannabinoid's and are derived from a process utilizing the commercial hemp plant. These strains of commercial hemp are very low in naturally occurring THC and relatively high in naturally occurring CBD. Due to the lack of THC in these Hemp derived oils, the products made from them are able to be sold and shipped in the United States. While you cannot legally buy THC oil online, you may purchase CBD rich hemp oil that is legally devoid of THC which you will find the best CBD oil products out there on our website.
The 9th U.S. circuit court of appeals ruled in 2004 that the naturally occurring cannabinoids in Hemp do not fall under DEA regulation when sold as nutritional supplements. Hemp refers to varieties of the plant that have less than .03% THC present in samples, where plants over .03% are considered marijuana. So, while these Hemp based CBD products have a very miniscule amount of THC in them, they are fully legal in all 50 states when sold as nutritional supplements. CBD is not a scheduled substance in the US when derived from approved "Industrialized Hemp" varieties of Cannabis. 
Please consume responsibly.  
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